V-MODA Vamp Verza Dockable HiFi Amp/DAC/Battery

Extreme audiophilia of the portable kind gets satisfaction with the V-MODA Vamp Verza Dockable HiFi Amp/DAC/Battery, a first of its kind, uncompromisingly high-end headphone experience to go. Power, purity, flexibility, and a love for the analog era are built into one compact package. Sliding it together with the Mettalo case (currently available for THE Samsung Galaxy S III, with iPhone 5 version and others, soon) turns the Vamp into a sleek, hard-body road unit. The Vamp itself works with just about any iOS, Android or Windows device. Features in addition to pure audio include USB charging and sync. In Matte Black, Shadow (red with black), and White (with orange accents). $598.



Via Engadget

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