UNIQLO Wake Up App


Enormous Japanese fashion retailer, UNIQLO, gets in on customizing your digital lifestyle just a little bit further with UNIQLO Wake Up, an alarm clock replacement app for iPhone and Android. Grab the download, select your location via GPS or global database, choose English or Mandarin, and you’re up and running. Set the alarm to wake to a distantly cheery voice, welcoming you with time, day and local weather, and one of seven music tracks, automatically selected to coincide with current weather conditions. The music is the work of none other than Grammy-nominated Cornelius (Keigo Oyamada), and versatile Yoko Kanno, best known for her soundtrack work for video games, anime, advertising and the like. You can also pinpoint your every intimate waking moment via Facebook, Twitter, Renren, and Weibo, and post it to the World Wake Up map that lets everyone keep track of everyone else’s sleep patterns. It’s all oddly personal, somewhat soothing, slightly weird, and 100% free—in other words, check it out!

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