UItra Motor A2B Excel Electric Scooter

UItra Motor A2B Excel Electric Scooter

We still live in a gas-guzzling world, but alternative rides, like the upcoming UItra Motor A2B Excel Electric Scooter, get technologically slicker and plain more attractive by the day. The A2B Excel improves the e-bike situation in a big way with its Intelligent Dual Electric Power (iDEP) system that lets you unhook your battery and take it with you for charging. For situations where a 220V charger is available, you can plug the whole bike in. Otherwise, detach the secondary battery, juice it in 4-6 hours, and reconnect it to charge the main. Convenient! And it leaves the bike kinda undrivable, for extra security. The A2B Excel has an 800W motor, hydraulic disc brakes and suspension, front and rear both, Li-ion batteries, a range of 30 miles and a top speed of 30 mph. Coming soon.

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