Torch T1 Bicycle Helmet

Torch T1 Bicycle Helmet

Light up the night for cyclist safety is the Torch T1 Bicycle Helmet central design principle. Compact walls of light via LEDs dispersed through lenses on the front and back of the T1 ensure 360° visibility—there is simply no way a motorist can fail to see you at night. The clean-line, minimalist styling cuts a classic helmet profile. The thin polycarbonate shell and expanded polystyrene body is both lightweight and strong, certified to US government product safety standards. Continuous use life for the pair of CR2 digital camera type batteries is a real world-tested 5 hours minimum, and longer in flashing mode.  Two sizes and three colors (red, black, or white), and a Midnight Edition (black with smoked lenses, will be available—it’s funding now on Kickstarter.  All-around, a step up in the urban cycling helmet game.

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