The Moneywrap by Daycraft

The Moneywrap

The Moneywrap by Daycraft

Ultraminimal, The Moneywrap is a “personal cash and card carrier” made from a single piece of cowhide, trifolded, with an elastic loop to keep it closed. It’s a bare essentials anti-fat wallet, but it does have features. It’s safe: no sharp edges to scratch pocket companions like…your smartphone. It’s secure: the replaceable elastic binds it tight. It’s easy to use: unfold, arrange your cash and cards, fold it up again. Hats off to Hong Kong’s Daycraft! In brown or black, with three elastic straps. HK$438 (about $56). See it in action right here…

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2 thoughts on “The Moneywrap

  1. Over-priced! There are a lot of better wallets out for the same price or cheaper. I would only offer no more than US$7 for this..

  2. Nice, yet doesn’t quite have that ‘something’.
    Dissedant does but it could well be too thick in your pants pocket.

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