Macallan Pillar Series holiday boxes

The Macallan x Nick Veasey

Macallan Pillar Series holiday boxes

X-ray photography meets 12-year-old single malt whiskey packaging in The Macallan x Nick Veasey series of limited edition holiday boxes. Revealing? Veasey has spent 20 years focused strictly on X-ray art photography. Working from his protective bunker-studio, he stripped back the layers, so to speak, of Macallan’s Six Pillars of whisky-making craft, to represent each Pillar: the Spiritual Home at Craigellachie, their “curiously small stills,” scissors for “the finest cut,” the “exceptional oak casks,” a feather for natural colour, and a drop of water for Macallan’s essential “peerless spirit.” Only in 2011…

MORE! » video: The Macallan Six Pillars » company: The Macallan » via: » Cool Hunting
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