TechnoGym Wellness Bag

TechnoGym Wellness Bag

TechnoGym Wellness Bag

Just as we were sitting around the MR Imagineering Lab, thinking wouldn’t it be cool if FITNESS could sold by the bag, like a neat gourmet bagged lunch, along comes the TechnoGym Wellness Bag, which kinda does exactly that. Packed kit-style in a travel case, with a total weight of only 1.8 kg (about 4 lbs), Wellness means a set of resistance elastics and accessories that allows you to perform a whole-body range of exercises, whenever and wherever you decide to whip out the gear. Included are a pair each of 39-cm and 26-cm bands for changing up the resistance, ankle bands, handles, and foot straps. The bands can attach to the top or bottom of a door for loads of creative possibilities, with examples in the accompanying manual. Seriously simple! $413 here.

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