StormCruiser iPhone 4/4S Weather-Resistant Bike Case/Mount

Hit a bump, shatter a touchscreen. If you have an iPhone and want to attach it to your bicycle, that’s the kind of thing you think about when you to attach it to your handlebars. You don’t want it to pop out and land on the cold hard ground at 30kmh. The Joy Factory’s (good name!) StormCruiser Weather-Resistant Bike Case/Mount for the iPhone 4S/iPhone 4 has a hinged clamshell case that’s waterproof, dustproof and grease proof that puts a layer of robust plastic between your phone and the elements. The unit can be mounted on any tubular surface of your bike, and has a ball joint so that the phone can be angled when you’re crouched and surfing the web. It remains to be seen how secure the phone attaches to the mount…

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One thought on “StormCruiser iPhone 4/4S Weather-Resistant Bike Case/Mount

  1. We want to source iphone case for bike, it better for water resistance for UK Market. Also to source case for Samsung mobile for bike, also it’s better for water resistance.

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