Standard Steel Table

Standard Steel Table

Of all the things you won’t want to go bump into in┬áthe night, the rather substantial Standard Steel Table by John Beck Steel should be near the top of your list. All steel, the Standard’s 1/4″ thick top is secured by countersunk bolts, and the 3″ thick legs are equipped with heavy duty handmade casters. Finish is natural black with a satin clear coat. The production model is 36″ x 96″, and custom sizing is available. As for the artisan, John Beck, he’s a crafter with a house in the burbs of Edwardsville, Illinois, a hair stylist wife, two kids, a truck, and the belief that being responsible makes more sense than being “green”. In other words, just the kind of All-American welder kinda guy you’d want to have styling your solid steel gear.

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