Sony Bluetooth Headset SBH50

Your smartphone is the mothership and the new Sony Bluetooth Headset SBH50 is the latest, greatest way to escape it for some wireless, hands-free action. It’s a tiny, fit-anywhere, clip-on unit, in white or black, that powers up and connects with your phone via NFC, simply by touching the two. Then, you’re free to review messages on the compact screen, and lose yourself in high quality, WiFi audio via jacked in earphones. It has an integrated mic and FM radio, and works with any standard Bluetooth device—phone, laptop, tablet (it can connect to two of ‘em at once). Basically…sweet!

Via Engadget

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One thought on “Sony Bluetooth Headset SBH50

  1. Looks good but still looking for something similar but to include noise cancelling feature too. I used to have something similar from Sony with noise cancelling but without bluetooth. Why didn’t Sony incorporate noise cancelling into the SBH50?
    There are a few bluetooth and noise cancelling headphones but those are big and bulky. I want something small like the SBH50 and I can use my expensive custom made Westone 3 headset with it.

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