Sonab Cloud 9 System

Sonab Cloud 9 Sound System

Sonab Cloud 9 System

The oh-so-easy-to-install Sonab Cloud 9 Sound System is aimed at bars, restaurants, hotels, stores and the like, and installs in no time simply by attaching the wireless speakers to standard 230v spotlight tracks—snap-n-play, they say. The transmitter hooks up to a computer or any other audio source, and you’re in business. Multiple WiFi channels and ID codes ensure that nearby Cloud 9 systems won’t interfere. Six volume zones, and a separate one for subwoofers, are available to tailor your sound. Each speaker also has its own volume control, and can be individually hardwired to deal with pesky WiFi dark spots should they pop up. For your Batcave-sized and equipped mancave, Cloud 9 could be just the ambient music solution you’ve been looking for!

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