smart-BRABUS 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

smart x BRABUS 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

A very exclusive 100 units of the smart-BRABUS 10th Anniversary Limited Edition are rolling out to celebrate 10 years of the joint venture between city car specialist smart and super tuners BRABUS. Over the past decade, BRABUS has put the extra zing into some 50,000 smarts. Marking the moment, the 10th anniversary model, based on the standard smart fortwo BRABUS, goes heavy on appearance, with a special liquid silver paint job, titanium-coloured headlamps, and heated, hand-stitched black leather seats. Other gear includes electric power steering, LED daytime driving lights, audio/navigation system, matt grey BRABUS Monoblock VII alloy wheels, bright red BRABUS branding and interior trim, and a dashboard badge with an xx/100 serial number. For the few…

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