Shoes Books and a Bike

Shoes Books and a Bike

Swiss design collective Postfossil furthers the uncompromising integration of bicycles in the space-conscious urban home with the Shoes Books and a Bike stand/showcase storage solution. Pretty much “like a trophy in a glass jar,” the simple stand, as part of a shelf unit, places your ride front and center, a striking reminder to think healthy and green. Materials are simple: pine, some hardware, and coconut fibre for the protective mats. Stand, shelving and carpet are sold separately for your mix-n-match convenience.

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5 thoughts on “Shoes Books and a Bike

  1. it’s really really really stupid designed
    (why would the bicycle be positioned on the top when is the heaviest thing for example?!?)
    and it’s just ugly
    but i like very much the idea.

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