Scanomat TopBrewer

From the super-automatic coffee maker class to the ULTRA… The Scanomat TopBrewer‘s minimalist above-the-counter stainless steel tap and touchscreen control pad are just a welcome to the machine. Hidden away, the TopBrewer engine is built around two heavy duty disc grinders, one for filter, one for espresso, rated at 1 second per grind, to deliver coffee in 15 seconds, and espresso with perfect crema in 25. From a simple coffee, black, to cappuccino, macchiato,  latte, you name it, just tap it in. The system is configurable, energy-conscious—ultra-low power consumption, zero watt standby—and WiFi/Bluetooth-equipped for remote iPhone/iPad control. If you go for all the extras, the optional cold water, juice and hot chocolate systems can certainly come in handy.


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