Savoir-Faire Bicycle Accessories from ECAL

A slew of clever, funky gizmos to lighten the cyclist’s load, Savoir-Faire Bicycle Accessories from ECAL includes snow chains, a brake handle bell, a cable alternative to brake handles, a super-compact rain deflector, a no-lose valve cap, and a bunch of cable-tie style accessories: water bottle holder, bag hook, LED lights, bell, and…cable tie. It’s all from design students at the prestigious Swiss Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL), presented at this year’s Milan Design Week.


Bike Tie / ECAL / Renaud Defrancesco


Bike Tie2 / ECAL / Renaud Defrancesco


Drelin / ECAL / Marceau Avogadro


Garde Boue / ECAL / Lea Chetot

Guidoline Tressee_ECAL_Thomas_Grogan

Guidoline-Tressee / ECAL / Thomas Grogan

Le cable_ECAL_Pierre_Bouvier

Le-cable / ECAL / Pierre Bouvier


Noose / ECAL / Anais Benoit Dignac


Plug / ECAL / Cyrille Verdon

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4 thoughts on “Savoir-Faire Bicycle Accessories from ECAL

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  3. Hello!
    Every product is amazing/wonderful/perfect for my father who recently found cycling as a “cure” to his cancer. Now we cant get him off the bike lol he rides evvvverywhere. He just got back from hus bike trip from Brooklyn NY to Austin Texas! No not motor bike, his bike…cycle haha bicycle trip. I want all of these accessories. Where can i buy? And how much? Orrrr if you would like to sponsor my father with your products they will be seen evvvvvverywhere throughout the 5 boros of NYC, all of Long Island, upstate NY and maybe some Connecticut appearances. But hes evvvvverywhere on that bicycle. Would love if i could get him these for christmas. And where to buy. Wasn’t trying to get anything free or anything like that, just figured it would be more beneficialfor you guys on your end.
    Please email me back ASAP pleasssse, i want to order these as soon as i can. He would looooooove them. Hes huuuge on bicycle safety haha “always have your lights on” you know how it is lol. Really hope to get an answer/response, great work guys.

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