Samsung EX2F

Samsung EX2F

The Samsung definition of Smart Camera calls for WiFi connectivity (but no phone just yet)—heading up their Smart line, the upcoming Samsung EX2F promises that plus brighter, faster and still small in a 12.4MP, magnesium-cased, pro-targeted package. The technically quite stunning new f1.4 24-80mm lens makes it the brightest/fastest compact camera out there, capable of lower light and shallower depth of field (you don’t need a DSLR for that ever-popular blurred background effect!). Full Manual control and uncompressed RAW format are on command. Video is Full HD 1080/30p, with HDMI connectivity. WiFi Smart features include Mobile Link, Remote Viewfinder, Auto Backup, Social Sharing, and…Email. (So, should we be holding out for a phone?) All this at $549 list, available in August!

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