Road Bike Pro Cycling Computer

runtastic Road Bike Pro Cycling Computer

And one more thing your iPhone can be, the ultimate Road Bike Pro Cycling Computer, which also happens to be the name of this app by runtastic. With Road Bike Pro, it’s a case of what doesn’t it do when it comes to tracking your cycling workout adventures. With additional hardware where required, it real-time monitors calories, distance, time, speed, altitude, pace, cadence (hardware), and heart rate (hardware). It tracks you in space and time, and has Google Maps and Open Maps integration for…mapping. There’s auto pause detection, and voice feedback in five languages, including English! Of course, that mountain of data is archived, and displayable just about any which way you like. For sharing, there’s Twitter, Facebook and runtastic’s own fitness portal. There’s also a music player, and cheering. Over 50 features in all. $4.99, iPhone not included.

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