Riva Aquariva by Mark Newson Luxury Yacht

Mark Newson x Riva Aquariva Luxury Yacht

Not just any old luxury speedboat, the Riva Aquariva by Mark Newson Luxury Yacht is the limited edition result of an all-star collaboration between Australian superdesigner Mark Newson, and Officina Italiana Design, the official designers for the venerable, venerated Riva shipyard in Italy, founded 1842. Newson reshaped the Aquariva essence, including a wraparound windshield and split driver and passenger seats, while introducing new materials to marine fabrication: a wood-like, textile-based phenol composite, a precursor to fiberglass, was used for the deck and helm station; anodized aluminum from the aeronautics industry replaced steel and chrome brass. Only 22 Newson Aquariva’s were made, at $1.5 million apiece, sold through New York’s Gagosian Gallery. (For a little random stat dropping, Newson designs have set numerous record auction prices, and are said to account for almost 25% of the contemporary design market, worldwide. Gosh.)

Mark Newson x Riva Aquariva Luxury Yacht

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