Ressence ZeroSeries Watch

Ressence ZeroSeries

A faster way to tell time? Here at MR, we’ve been pondering this one for a while. The Ressence ZeroSeries is a complete rethink of time display, allowing time to be read in a flash, more efficiently than on a digital watch (slowest) or on an analog watch with hands. Interesting…

ZeroSeries creator Benoit Mintiens explains that, as an industrial designer with a user-centric perspective, he found the familiar big hand-little hand set-up to be inefficient, a poor way to exploit the real technical breakthrough behind mechanical watches: controlling the rotation of an axle pulled by a spring! Building on the fact that we are already culturally trained to tell time in the watch-hands way, he has streamlined the process by removing the hands and presenting the time on a single plane, resulting in lightning fast readability. So obvious!

The patented ZeroSeries display system features a revolving module built on a heavily customized Swiss ETA automatic movement. It comes in titanium or steel, with 3D convex sapphire crystal on both sides, choice of crown at 3 or 9 o’clock, and natural calf or buffalo hand-sewn leather or rubber strap. Judge the whole sleek package for yourself, in this online simulation, and with a hands-on demo by Mintiens himself, video below…

MORE! » front-line: Benoit Mintiens debates ZeroSeries design with watch fans! » via: Hodinkee
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