Really Loud Bicycle Horns

Really loud bicycle horn. We like the sound of that. Especially late at night when the rider and bike are even less visible than during the day. Experienced bicyclists know how alert and aware other road users are. Which is maybe why there are, not one, but two Really Loud Bicycle Horn projects on Kickstarter this month. Unlike many of the loud horns currently on the market, these two aren’t simply modified air horns (which are great when you’re in a boat). The Orp Smart Horn was designed in part by sound engineers, they’ve tweaked its electronic sound so that there are two distinct modes: a light “pleasant” sound and a very loud, annoying sound. The unit also has integrated LEDs making it double as a headlight.

Loud Bicycle has taken a different approach to sound, it’s literally a car horn for a bike.

Both horns will get the attention of whatever the cyclist is honking at. Question is, does a high pitched electronic sound or car horn get the desired result; the bicyclist seen and avoided.

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