Proof Whisky Tasting App

Proof Whisky Tasting Game

Proof Whisky Tasting App

When branding agency Zeus Jones decided to show off their chops, they turned to the unbeatable combo of alcohol and social games, creating the Proof Whisky Tasting Game. It’s actually a web site, best served on a tablet, that is everything you need to set up an entertaining and educational whisky tasting party—just supply the single malts of your choosing. Although tuned for the iPad, Proof is platf0rm-agnostic, coded in cutting edge HTML5 so that it can be run on a web browser in just about any device. No less care was taken with the promo-only complimentary Scotch taster kit, containing tiny hand-stamped bottles with custom-designed labels, hand-dipped in sealing wax—fun to look at, even if you can’t have one. Meanwhile, there is the (free) game!

Proof Whisky Tasting App

Proof Whisky Taster

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