Prohibition Kit by Francesco Morackini

Question is, how fully prepped can you feel without a hide-in-plain-sight moonshine maker? Prohibition Kit by Francesco Morackini is four ordinary, fully functional household items—cooking pot, fondue stove, fruit bowl, watering can—that turn into a sleek and good-looking desktop version of a traditional copper still. Yes, a personal alcohol-distilling workstation, and a stealth still, at that! Broken down, it’s all legal. Assembled…who knows?! “I wanted to explore the limit of legislation,” says Morackini. Still, arrangements would have to be made, because it’s not likely to be on sale in a store near you any time soon.


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3 thoughts on “Prohibition Kit by Francesco Morackini

  1. Cool. Does it cost a fortune and do you include instructions how to make your moonshine!

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