Plume Recoiling Mudguard

In the ongoing biking-world battle between the need for a functional rear wheel mudguard, and the desire to do away with a wonky, breakable, stealable doohickey sticking off the back of your bike, in steps the Plume Recoiling Mudguard, sleek, slick and…recoiling, at the gentle press of fingertip, no less. Extended, it’s a tough steel-and-flexible polymer barrier between you and the “muddy, chemical-laden water” doing its best to soak you. Coiled into a tight, underseat coil, it’s practically invisible, and hard to swipe with its stainless steel shank wrapped tightly around your seat post. Funding now on Kickstarter, $35 gets you one preordered Plume, with an ETA of this Autumn.






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