People People Invisible Speaker

People People Invisible Speaker

The still-in-development People People Invisible Speaker gets a big thumbs up for holistic design AND fighting the good fight in the war between home electronics and your furniture set-up. This transparent glass-housed hi-fi speaker system is fed by a WiFi antenna (wireless!) that plugs into any device that takes headphones—you can as easily rock vintage vinyl through an ancient stereo, as listen to your smartphone. Cool! The design mission continues: the Invisible Speaker ships compact and flat, with precise instructions on sourcing the glass locally—you then assemble, IKEA-style. All part of People People’s three-way people-planet-profit philosphy. Nice.

People People Invisible Speaker
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4 thoughts on “People People Invisible Speaker

  1. Brilliant idea. But would be interested to hear a speaker/audio engineer chime in on this. Would any ol’ glass do? My pedestrian understanding of the laws of physics regarding sound tells me certain frequencies and volume might crack the glass, or at least cause the glass to vibrate enough to make sounds of its own, spoiling your listening pleasure. Low frequencies inherently move a lot of air. Every material has a harmonic frequency at which it starts to vibrate, generating its own sounds, and then at some point behaving like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge back in 1940: But what do I know?

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