Packable Wireless System (PWS) by Grain Audio

Solid walnut and metal quality, not plastic crap, is the message from the Packable Wireless System (PWS) by Grain Audio, a new high-end Bluetooth wireless speaker that cuts no corners. HiFi sound is of course the main thing: the PWS doesn’t stop with the superior acoustic properties of wood, there’s Grammy Award-winning Waves MaxxAudio sound processing technology inside. Sleek and simple on the eye, clear and powerful in the ear, it’s a speaker keeper.$249 (pre-ordering for $200 on Kickstarter now).




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One thought on “Packable Wireless System (PWS) by Grain Audio

  1. NICE… cant believe the blend of natural elements and artificial. The look is a meld between rustic and sleek. Im digging this brands intergration of the old and new. Cant wait to get my hands on one. Way to go… the new look of modern. :-)

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