P3 Amplifiers

P3 Amplifiers

Get yer tubes on with the full line of P3 Amplifiers: hand-built, 100% tube circuitry, practically bulletproof, and endlessly repairable if something does go wrong. Established in 2010, P3 is a pair of guitarists, one an architect, the other a tube amp wizard, who believe that sustainable design is something that lasts forever. They’ve combined the warm and quirky sound of tube power, with modern, military-grade aluminum enclosures, employing absolutely zero printed circuit boards. This means that everything can be fixed with regular parts and tools, a practical and refreshing alternative in a world of inscrutable microprocessors and repair-defying robotic precision. P3 is quick to point out that their musical instrument amps are not vintage recreations, rather, a fully 21st century continuation of the tube amp lineage. Nice!

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