Outlier Three Way Longs

Outlier Three Way Longs

Shorts that have it all, including that extra couple of inches, Outlier Three Way Longs are at home on land, at sea, and in the city, and hit about the knee with a generous 10.5″ inseam.  The fabric is key: Outlier 4Season Doubleweave, from Swiss-made Schoeller Dryskin Extreme, is breathable, water-resistant, dries rapidly when soaked (usually 15 minutes or so), and has a self-cleaning nanosphere treatment that resists dirt and helps staining spills like coffee and wine roll right off. Features, features. High dryability plus flow-through mesh pocket inserts and a drawstring waist mean swimming trunks are always on. Four-way stretch ensures comfort and ease of movement no matter what. And belt loops let you…accessorize, for more urban settings. When it comes to your shorts, maybe you CAN have it all, in Black, Army Green and Slate Gray. $145.

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