Outlier Supermarine Rain Shirt

Outlier Supermarine Rain Shirt

Lightweight, super-comfortable, rain-resistant, the new Outlier Supermarine Rain Shirt combines a new, lighter weave of Outlier’s cool low-tech-meets-high, water-shedding Supermarine fabric, with their new-classic Pivot Sleeve shirt design. As we have mentioned here before, Supermarine is an update of a fabric invented by the Brits to keep downed pilots alive in the cold, cold sea. The cleverly complex cotton weave is highly breathable, windproof, and swells to repel moisture on contact, and the Supermarine version adds a non-wax-based durable water resistance (DWR) treatment for good measure. Slick! $275, in Navy or Gray, exclusively from the Outlier Webshop.

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