Outlier Liberated Wool Hoodie

Outlier Liberated Wool Hoodie

Another cool experimental release from Outlier’s apparel lab, the Outlier Liberated Wool Hoodie features Liberated Wool 2.5 layer construction: posh, yarn-dyed wool on the outside, comfy fleece on the inside, bonded by a layer of breathable polyurethane membrane. The result is a best-of-all-worlds: sharp looks, great heat retention and breathability both, and near waterproof performance with the addition of NanoSphere anti-water/anti-dirt finishing technology. Four-way stretchiness and raglan sleeves ensure easy movement, nylon/merino cuffs promise a no-slip fit, and of course, there’s the hood: three-panel, drawstring, hidden cord pulls/locks. For now, at least, available in a limited trial run. Made in New York City.

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