Oktopus II-Double Date

Oktopus II–Double Date

Oktopus II-Double Date

In our quest for the ultimate diving watch, MR presents the new Oktopus II–Double Date by sports watch specialists, Linde Werdelin. Uncompromising Sports Timepiece applies here. The five-part case is manufactured to such precise specifications, it would not have been possible 10 years ago. It is watertight to 300m and works as a system with Linde Werdelin’s Reef dive computer, which can be attached on top. To resist salt water corrosion, gold, titanium and ceramic are used for the shell. The three-hand movement reflects the LW belief that time is best read analogue (while performance is best displayed digitally, as in the Reef). Available in titanium/ceramic, or titanium/rose gold, with rubber strap, starting at about $9,800.

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