Noah Lambert Uni-FoldWallet

Noah Lambert Uni-Fold Wallet

Noah Lambert Uni-FoldWallet

According to Noah Lambert, the Noah Lambert Uni-Fold Wallet is the original Uni-Fold wallet, made in America since 2011! While not the only wallet out there to be fashioned from nothing but a single piece of leather, cleverly folded into shape—see our recent Russian selection—this is a nice one. Built to last next to forever, the 5 oz. vegetable tanned bridle leather, from the renowned Wickett & Craig tannery in Pennsylvania, is hand-stitched using Barbour’s Red Hand 5 cord linen thread, making the two seams twice as strong as…normal. This bold, no-nonsense billfold is available in Chestnut, Brown, Mahogany and Black, for $90.

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