no picnic x Propellerhead Balance

no picnic x Propellerhead Balance Audio Interface

It’s “super-easy”—that’s the no picnic x Propellerhead Balance, an intelligently crafted 2-in/2-out audio interface for people making music, that eliminates the annoying techiness of hooking up intruments, microphones and the like to computers. Clean, ergonomic, intuitive design includes a comprehensive array of inputs and outputs and high quality electronics, for a device so simple and easy to use, it makes you wonder where it’s been all this time. It is the first hardware product from digital audio workstation software house, Propellerhead, who collaborated on this iF Product Design Gold Award winner with Swedish design firm no picnic. The video (below) does such a nice job of explaining the music-first design philosophy behind Balance, it may sell you on Propellerhead’s Reason Essentials music software that it illustrates as well…

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