Dark Tortoise Collection

Nixon Dark Tortoise Collection

Dark Tortoise Collection

From Nixon, the “we make the little s**t better” people, the Dark Tortoise Collection: two watches, one speaker, and one set of DJ-ready headphones, flyin’ a smoky version of Nixon’s hit tortoise design. The Time Teller Acetate and the 51-30 Chrono both feature Japanese quartz movements, stainless steel, and that tortoise pattern action, and they are waterproof. The TPS (below) is a compact portable speaker in an extruded aluminum case with sand resistant grille, 6-hour rechargeable li-ion battery, and you can hook up two for stereo and separation—for any laptop or tiny digital music-playing device. And then, the RPM, headphones with gel-filled ear cushions, articulated ear cups for easy one-ear cueing, and cables and adapters for any connection: miniplug, 1/4″, iPhone with mic included. Look for ‘em all at a selected retailer near you, or buy them here.

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