NIKE+ FuelBand

NIKE+ FuelBand

OK, the NIKE+ FuelBand is no doubt a cool and clever fitness feedback device that measures, records and analyzes your daily motion, motivating you to kick up your game—it is also a little…odd. Maybe that has something to do with the NIKE+ promise that the FuelBand will capture “every move you make.” In any case, the FuelBand bracelet uses wrist motion and a set of algorithms to add up an energy score using the proprietary new NikeFuel metric. Unlike calorie burn, which happens at a different rate for each of us based on gender, body type and so forth, NikeFuel is a standard that allows you to directly compare your activity across all fitness levels—from couch potato to world class athlete, you will know where you stand. Set a daily fitness goal, and you’re off and running. Or walking. Or playing your favorite online game. It all adds up. The FuelBand also displays time, calories and steps, and hooks up via USB to your PC, or Bluetooth to an optional iPhone app, to sync with the NIKE+ Dashboard. According to Nike President & CEO Mark Parker, “The NIKE+ FuelBand is a way for Nike to further evolve the exciting possibilities of merging the physical and digital worlds.” Interesting!

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