Nexus Q

Nexus Q

The world’s first social streaming media player? If Google’s Nexus Q doesn’t confuse you, it could make your music and movie experience so much…better. Simple is the intention here: the mysterious black ball is controlled by normal Android smartphones or tablet actions—working your music and video playlists, watching movies or YouTube vids via Google Play and YouTube apps—and pumps your playbook through your own audio-video system. Easy as plug’n’play. It also incorporates a 25W amp, so a pair of speakers is the minimum hook-up required, and there are HDMI and TOSLink outputs for HD. Multiple Q balls can be synced throughout your sprawling castle, multiple Android devices can communicate simultaneously, and a single phone or tablet can send different picks to each Q. Somewhat concerning, the Q communicates via a Google cloud, meaning all of that media has to be pulled down via Internet connection, and by each ball in the system. In any case, Q sounds mighty cool, is slightly bigger than a softball, costs $299, and is clearly new tech to…watch!

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