MYKITA & Kostas Murkudis Sunglasses

MYKITA & Kostas Murkudis Sunglasses: Phineas

Cool shades in the new MYKITA & Kostas Murkudis Sunglasses SS12 collection, featuring two jointly-created models, the Elektra (below) and the Phineas (above). Experimentation with materials, lasers, colours and print technologies was reportedly at play, highlighted by the mesh pattern etched into the stainless steel frames. Berlin-based designer Kostas Murkudis incorporated MYKITA‘s patented screwless hinge construction to contribute to the ultralight look and feel. In light brown Goldentile, light blue Pearltile, and dark blue Dawntile—a perfect match for every spring-summer mood and day. Available online at the Andreas Murkudis boutique (it’s his brother).

MYKITA & Kostas Murkudis Sunglasses: Elektra

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