Moshi Moonrock Earphones

Moshi Moonrock Earphones

Could this be the One? Moshi Moonrock Earphones, besides being of superior quality on the audio end, come with a cord management case that promises to take the tanglin’ out of its 1.2m cable. Now THAT would be something. Not sure how it works exactly (the courier hasn’t shown up yet with our demo pair…as if), but, cord tangle being the nightmare that it is for many, the promise from Moshi is exciting enough. Meanwhile, the Moonrock combines high-efficiency neodymium drivers with Moshi’s own proprietary hybrid-injection eartips that block external noise, to provide high fidelity, low stress listening comfort. There is also an iPhone-compatible mic for phone use. Available in six fashionable colours.

Moshi Moonrock Earphones

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