MOON Contact Lens Case

MOON Contact Lens Case

MOON Contact Lens Case

If you’re a contact lens wearer, you will appreciate this. The MOON Contact Lens Case, a personal project by senior industrial designer Beverly Moon, currently being crowd-funded on Kickstarter,Ā  is a chance to really get inside a product that you will use every single day. First, this elegantly simple case, carved from solid CorianĀ®, is substantial, non-threaded, non-porous, and entirely smooth, making use and cleaning a pleasure. Second, thanks to this intimate funding video covering Moon’s design process (below), you get a real feel for how design can make a usually far-from-perfect everyday tool approach the ideal. Cool, even at $40!

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4 thoughts on “MOON Contact Lens Case

  1. Love LOVE the idea and the material.


    1. Can’t put it in my purse
    2. I can get knocked off the counter and I’d either lose or have to hunt for my lenses.

    Otherwise, I’d buy twenty!

  2. I ordered the case before and I’d like to order another one. They are the perfect case. I haven’t purchased any of the other cases, because this one is great! I forget how to order. Please let me know what I need to do to order one. Thanks!

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