Moleskin Click Pen & Click Pencil

Moleskine Click Pen & Click Pencil

Moleskin Click Pen & Click Pencil

Fun with basic writing gear—the new Moleskine Click Pen & Click Pencil are matte black and square, extend and retract with a satisfying CLICK, and come with lots of little options. The Click Roller Pen is available in fine or medium tip, with gel ink refills in black, blue, red, green, purple and brown. The Click Mechanical Pencil refills with a standard 0.7 HB lead. Both attach to notebooks with a special rubberized clip, and come with tiny, colourful stickers for personalization. For accessorization, there is a three-slot, clip-on Pen Holder that also attaches to notebooks, and holds any combination of square Pens, square Pencils, and square Moleskin Erasers. Browse and buy it all online, in the Moleskine Writing Collection.

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One thought on “Moleskine Click Pen & Click Pencil

  1. Hi, my name is Edward and I’m interested in buying this pen in bulk. Could you give me a pricing quote for 500-2000 pens, as well as whether or not they come in the following colors:

    -Cobalt Turquoise (Pantone 7474)
    -Cadmium Green Pale (Pantone 7744)
    -Indian Yellow (Pantone 123)
    -Deep Cadmium Yellow (Pantone 151)
    -Cadmium Red (Pantone 200)
    -Permanent Mauve (Pantone 7656)
    -Indanthrene Blue (Pantone 2735)



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