Maserati x Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Maserati x Alfa Romeo Giulietta

What do you get when your Maserati goes in the shop? Well, if you live in Europe, that’d be the new Maserati x Alfa Romeo Giulietta, the official 2012 Maserati owner loaner. Building on the Guilietta‘s base package, with 235 HP 1750 Turbo Petrol engine and smart driving selector that slides from Dynamic performance, through Normal, to All Weather safe, the Maserati specs add luxury details like full-grain leather upholstery in the new Maserati Brown, diamond-tooled alloy wheels, oversized braking system with calipers in red, and special “Alfa Romeo for Maserati” branding. Only 100 of these courtesy cars are being made, exclusively for the Maserati European dealer network.

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