Magnus by Bandit9 Custom Motorcyles

Bandit9 Magnus

Following up the quite stunning Loki debut, #2 is the equally impressive Magnus by Bandit9 Custom Motorcyles. Founded again on a vintage ex-Chinese military Chang Jiang 750, Magnus features a completely rebuilt engine and transmission, and radical body restyling. To reduce weight, the rear fender and seat were removed, and a custom seat dropped in. The “heat-treated” gas tank, frame and fork were flamed with a blowtorch for a unique industrial-organic finish. Custom fabrication extends to every detail, from twin  headlights and turn signals, to the gas cap.  Based in Beijing, China, Bandit9′s build challenges sound as exotic as their bikes: dealing with limited resources, defending against overnight replication by competing shops, battling the Made in China stigma… Interesting, and so far away from MR HQ. See also: How to Buy a Bandit9.

Magnus by Bandit9 Custom Motorcyles gas tank


Bandit9 Magnus

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One thought on “Magnus by Bandit9 Custom Motorcyles

  1. congratulations! this is awesome.
    wishing you best of luck and loads of fun both.
    tell me when you work a similar/same full-package with the side-car as well…

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