Leap Motion

Leap Motion

Not much to look at, because it’s all about what you don’t see, or touch, with the  rather revolutionary Leap Motion 3D gesture controller, a future-is-now replacement for your mouse, keyboard, drawing tablet, joystick and any other input gear you may want to consider. The tiny device tracks your hand movements in space with a high degree of precision: more accurate than a mouse, as reliable as a keyboard, and more sensitive than a touchscreen is the word. In fact, it is 200 times more precise than existing gesture controllers, which includes Xbox Kinect, able to distinguish individual finger movement and capture motion down to 0.01mm. All that and plug-n-play, too: jack it into a USB port, load the software, calibrate with a wave, and BAM, you’re in an amazing new world of computer control. Totally Minority Report—just check the vid… Available soon, at a somewhat startlingly affordable $69.99 on preorder.

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