La Palestra at The Plaza Hotel

La Palestra at The Plaza Hotel by Frank Gehry

La Palestra at The Plaza Hotel

The latest in the series of well-located La Palestra wellness centers, La Palestra at The Plaza re-engineers basement levels of NYC’s classic Plaza Hotel with a design by architect Frank Gehry. Underground, nestled up to Central Park and Fifth Avenue, the exclusive workout spot combines its holistic approach to fitness with a careful integration of existing architectural detail, weathered structural columns and exposed subway tile offsetting the finest in tried-and-true equipment. Not out to reinvent the wheel, simply to provide the best one possible, the center includes medical examination rooms and personal instruction, discreetly placed mirrors to ensure individual privacy, functional lighting geared to the time of day, and no locker rooms, promoting personal comfort by eliminating any hint of the rough-and-tumble high school gym locker room vibe. Depending on services provided, annual membership to this thoughtfully executed health haven is about $8,800. Photos: Amy Barkow.

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