Knog Blinder 4V

Sleek, solid, bright and flashy, Knog Blinder 4V pretty much has it all when it comes to LED bicycle lights. Extending the Blinder family, this new rear-light model features a UV-resistant silicone rubber and stainless steel buckle fitting for easy seat post attachment. The housing is sturdy polycarbonate and anodized aluminum. The four LEDs put out a healthy 44 lumens of light through optimized optics, for visibility over half a mile (800m): five modes, from steady to eco flash, run from three to 50 hours on a charge. The half-second long-push button prevents accidental activation. And the case is waterproof, including the integrated USB charging plug. Essentially, this little guy from Australia has got it going on!

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One thought on “Knog Blinder 4V

  1. 44 lumens? Sure there’s not a decimal point missing there because my 75 lumen light was cheap and no hacking it. the 500 lumen light from serfas though.. that’s a light.

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