Knog Blinder 1 Bicycle Light

A junior member of the Blinder family, the Knog Blinder 1 Bicycle Light packs just enough power to keep the urban commuter well-lit, all in a high tech and styling package that’s waterproof, USB-rechargeable, doesn’t slow dim as the battery runs down, and comes with a choice of faceplate cutouts—Standard, Cross, Cog, Flower, Heart, Skull—each with fitting colour choices. And it’s design quality all the way, made from polycarbonate, industrial-grade silicone and hard-anodised aluminum, with details like long-push-on to avoid accidental activation, tool-less installation, and durability tested for drops, electrical shocks, corrosion, UV, vibration, temperature and humidity. Covered! $29.95 or two for $54.95.


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