Karlsson’s Batch 2008

Karlsson’s Batch 2008

Flavourful, aromatic sipping vodka made from a single, rare, heirloom potato variety is what you get with Karlsson’s Batch 2008, potato vodka taken to its hardcore purist essence, with a twist. Sweden’s Karlsson’s got it in mind that potatoes for vodka should be treated like grapes for wine, carefully selected to form a unique flavour base that varies from harvest to harvest, year to year. Working with local farmers, to the point of sending them to French vineyards on fact-finding missions, they finally settled on the heirloom Gammel Svensk Röd (Old Swedish Red) potato, for the initial small-batch run. The word is, a hotter year resulted in a more robust flavored new potato harvest in 2008, yielding a bold, earthy and peppery vodka: Batch 2008. Only 1,980 individually numbered bottles are available. The video is cool: the bar on ultrapremium vodka has gone up! To buy, try here.

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