Invoxia AudiOffice

Exploring further into docking territory, the Invoxia AudiOffice is a clever unit that beefs up the audio for the last couple of generations of iPhones, iPods, and iPads (and other smartphones, players, and tablets, if you like, via USB or Bluetooth). At the core, Invoxia’s In Vivo Acoustic technology, a combination of digital signal processing, broadband speakers, and digital microphones, that zeroes in on incoming sound sources, isolating them for cleaner capture, and at the other end, projects them out to particular points in space, simulating, for example, several people speaking around a table. It also encodes a way wider frequency range than conventional phones, 8kHz to 14kHz, resulting in a huge improvement in voice quality. The unit includes a corded HD handset, and is recommended for music as well as phone. Useful! All is made even clearer in this peppy vid…

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2 thoughts on “Invoxia AudiOffice

  1. I saw Invoxia’s products at CES and was really impressed with the build quality and finishings. This is an elegant product that’s priced way less it’s ugly competition.

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