InCOG Multi-tool

Cleverly concealed in your bicycle handlebars, the InCOG Multi-tool is ready to slide out into the fix-it action with a twist of the key in the tamper-resistant friction lock. On one side, an assortment of hex, Philips and torque bits, on the other, a tire repair kit. It fits most handlebars, the end caps come in a range of bold and styling colours, and the if bits don’t precisely fit your needs, you can change ‘em up with standard bike or hardware store replacements. Available through ideacious, a cool, Kickstarter-style marketplace, you can pay a transferable $5 to reserve your tool, then hand over the $55 dollar balance when production is rolling and receive a tiny slice of the profits, beginning with the second production run and paying off based on sales for 10 years (10,000 units sold will earn you $64). Multi-tool, start-up funding, and longer-term investment all in one!

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