i’m Watch

i'm Watch

They call the new i’m Watch collection, the world’s first real smartwatch. In one thin, ergonomic, wrist-mounted package—it has the first curved touchscreen—endless functions well beyond time come together on a high-res display: phone, web, music, radio, organizer, photo, video, and any other apps i’m or third-party developers come up with. Twitter on your wrist—imagine that! Intriguing features include speakerphone, file download for music, images, whatever, and Bluetooth cell phone connection to iPhone, Android and “all possible future smartphones.” The i’m is designed in Italy, and Android-based. There are many available options and models—i’m Colors, i’m Tech, i’m Jewels (pictured), i’Music subscription service, and so on—so start choosin’! Starting at $329. Check out the vids, first for the i’m Watch, next for i’m’s future world vision…

i'm Watch

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