Gobie Filtered Water Bottle

Gobie Filtered Water Bottle

Industrial designer Rusty Allen followed his dream and wound up with the ultra-green Gobie Filtered Water Bottle, available directly from him now. This sleek, 22-oz. water carrier is apparently the world’s first fully portable, reusable, zero-waste, water purification device, it is BPA-free and it’s eco-friendly feature-packed. The clever gizmo at the heart of the Gobie is a replaceable, fully-compostable active carbon filter, designed to meet ANSI/NSF Standard 42, which ensures the removal of chlorine, chloramines, and particulates from ordinary tap water, rendering it odor-free and…great tasting. Great! Other smooth design features include a wide mouth for easy filling, a dust cover that stores in the handy finger loop, and a non-slip base. The Gobie fits a standard cup holder, and it’s Made in the USA.

Gobie Filtered Water Bottle

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One thought on “Gobie Filtered Water Bottle

  1. not only is the design intriguing, but the product could not come at a more relevant time.

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